Identity theft

It is a kind of art installation. We see a room full of people, then two invisible men in black hooded costumes come in and silently marshal away two of the people and take them outside. Strangely, the people are still present in the room but they are lifeless grey forms now and their friends and relatives shake them in panic but cannot rouse them to respond. A caption comes up. It reads ‘Don’t be a victim of identity theft’.

going for refuge to Leonard Cohen

I am on a holiday, perhaps a coach trip to Edinburgh or Paris or somewhere else. There is some confusion or hiatus in the trip and I am alone for a while. I find myself in a cafe or cinema with Leonard Cohen and I am in tears, saying ‘I’m still a young person but already I am thinking about loss’. I am wondering how he will react. Then I am in a lift with a nurse and paramedics being taken to the emergency department. I am talking to them about my medical problem deciding whether to go to get help or not, being doubtful that its either serious or could be helped