Ride to Thorpeness, Aldeburgh and Orford

A long day and some promise of sunshine led me to take the bike from Cambridge out to the Suffolk coast to three places that I had visited before but separately, in order of arrival, Thorpeness, Aldeburgh and Orford. Apart from a deluge of rain early on, the day ended with sunshine to greet my arrival. Thorpeness and Aldeburgh are lovely English villages and full of tourists with a long stoney beach and a short straight beach road between them.

Orford ness has a strange topology and a stranger past. I’ve never seen the derelict buildings of the old atomic weapons testing site and by the time I usually arrive there (I see that the last time I visited was nearly 2 years ago), it is cold and I’m ready to return. I’ve also never worked out how you get across the spit. The seafront where I parked up has a small tea room, rather characterless I thought but in a lovely location.

I edited the four hours of sometimes cold riding to a 4 minute video.