Schuberth E2 helmet: the right lid at last

The last ride but one – wearing the Nexx Viljord flip front/modular helmet – convinced me beyond all doubt that it had to go. It was too tight around the jaw, the ears and, probably worst of all, on the top of my head – where it really hurt. I couldn’t deny it any longer. It was the kind of torture that meant that after about an hour, maybe less, I just wanted to stop riding. And added to the physical pain was the realisation that I had wasted a large sum of money on this. So a week ago I took the train down to Motolegends just outside Guildford, walked from the station down to the shop and told them the story – that I’d tried on a Schuberth E2 large and extra large at the MCN show and that L was far too small and XL a little, I thought, too big. But after measuring my head they started me out with a large and gave the fitting proper attention, changing the cheek pads and neck roll, repeatedly checking for fit, until we were satisfied that this was the right fit. As the guy said about my experience at the MCN show, its not rocket science to fit a helmet properly and Schuberth’s selling point is that people can adapt the padding to get the fit right for them. But of course at a trade show, there’s no way someone on a large stall with hundreds of customers is going to take the time and trouble to do this. I was sceptical about trade shows to start with and I am even more now – at least if you are there for some shopping that needs careful attention. (Or getting fitted for custom earbuds – which was fine because I knew exactly what I wanted from UltimateEar.)

An hour later, I walked out of the shop with a big orange and white and box and my bank account £560 lighter. I tried it on at home and it felt just right. I spent some time trying to clamp on my new Senna EVO20S but in the end gave up and used the glue mount – heating up the helmet first for a good seal and with a neat tethering cord hooked inside the helmet just in case. It turned out easy to swap out the speakers that are already fitted (for the ridiculously expensive kit that they offer) and replace it with the Sennas (they are probably the same speakers). The boom mike is a little short but I doubt I will use it. Slightly more challenging was fitting a helmet cam. There was just no way to mount my Sony so I bought three attempts at the right mount for my GoPro and after studying how a couple of Vloggers have mounted theirs on a flip front, more or less copied the approach, also heating everything up before gluing and installing a tether from the camera to a discretely mounted spot inside the chin bar. Its a little heavy but all feels sound.

I rode from Cambridge up to the land in Suffolk and back again, with the GoPro filming and all seems well.

I am happy with the Schuberth and can see its beautifully made, just one thing though: Next to lids like the Arai Tour X or the Nexx XD, it does look like a huge germanic spherical thing with a peak stuck to it. You wouldn’t exactly call it aggressively styled. But this was definitely a function-over-style decision. I’m not complaining.