From small and constrained to spaceousness

…We are caught in the net when we take ourselves very seriously, when everything looks small and tight and constrained and constricted. But when we let go of all that and come back to zero point, then what appeared to be constricting and constraining transmutes into something that is quite open and wide.

Don’t Know Mind: the spirit of Korean Zen by Richard Shrobe, Shambhala books 2004, p. 105

More on a wet weekend

May bank holiday Monday and we have another day of wind and rain. I think this won’t help Gordon Brown’s popularity. Just some marking and an exam board on June 10th at work and I can rise to something more creative.

Motorbiking and wet weekends

Progress at last: my Trimuph has had its service, fork seals fixed and a nice Scottooiler fitted (that automatically oils the chain as you zoom) plus brand new battery. The engine management warning light has gone out (after three rides as people were saying on the net). Also my Bandit is sold to a man from the South coast who looked really at home on it as he rode off (it was sad to see this nice looking bike go off) and the cash is in the bank awaiting the £400 bill for the Triumph. Yesterday I stretched its legs a bit and rode over to Clare, pretty village in Suffolk, past Haverhill, via Fulbourn and Balsham. The petrol gauge (which I am not used to having) told me I was running low so didn’t get much time to do more than get there then head for the nearest filling station where I could squeeze in £12 of fuel. This bike just says to me ‘don’t take me on these short runs, give me a challenge’. So, next task is some luggage for it, avoiding Triumph’s own hard panniers costing £660. Now its raining so I am very glad to have got out while I had the chance. Now its, work, and I have some nice books, Ted Simon’s Dreaming of Jupiter, Lonely planet guide to Croatia where I am going in August and Mindfulness in Plain English. When can I give up work and spend my time with these enjoyable pursuits?