Thinking about sunnier days

This could be very approximately the first half of next year’s biking journey from Santander via the Pyrenees and Geneva, and the Rhine to Hook of Holland:

this first leg is 937 miles: could be done in 4 days

Picture 1

Picture 2 The second bit is 640 miles: and could be done (by me) in 3 days:

Picture 3

Garmin announces new generation GPS

In response to many GPS users’ complaints that the computerised system is taking the humanity out of travel and navigation, Garmin has announced a new range of GPS devices. They incorporate an innovative ’emotion’ chip. The new devices, scheduled to go on sale in the lucrative pre-Christmas period, will be able to simulate a range of arguments about direction and the driver’s failure to take note of last minute instructions. The units will be highly configurable and some arguments will be able to escalate into more fundamental rows about selfishness and incompatibility. ‘Our research has shown that drivers miss this kind of friction when travelling with a friend or partner’, said a Garmin spokesperson today. Prices will start at £499.