Camping in the West Country

Tomorrow’s trip has crept up on me, my first camping trip for a few years, but in the UK so not so much to organise, just to search out all the stuff I usually take and load up for a hopefully not too tedious and wobbly ride out of London in a south-westerly direction. I have have four campsites in mind, three of them – adult only sites – booked. This summer has been really hot in the UK, for week after week, up to about 30 degrees in London and tomorrow is scheduled for a similar sticky heat.

Belinda back in London for a visit

A10 ride


I’m still a little decentred and stretched between London and Cambridge, now I’ve finally ridden my bike back down the A10 which stretches all the way from Cambridge right to London Bridge, just round the corner from where I live. The worst parts of this road are around Enfield but it improves nearer the city – in terms of traffic – and more interesting pedestrian life.

Belinda has a comfortable life down here with extensive cleaning, modern lighting and a trickle charge.