Bury St Edmunds on a Sunday morning

There are so many things to do at the weekend when I am in Cambridge. My usual delights are getting stocks in from Arjuna and wandering in town. This morning was sunny against all forecast expectations and I got out on the bike. Since seeing the curious statistic saved by the bike’s computer that my average throttle opening was 11% I have been wandering what would happen if I opened it to 100%, so I headed down to the A14 towards Bury and Ipswich and hoped for an empty road to try it. Sadly there was heavy traffic for a Sunday but I tried all the same. But I never actually made it. I found myself moving at between 95 and 100mph within a few seconds of this action and still accelerating fast so never made it to 100%.

Bury is very different to Cambridge but it is buzzing on a Sunday though not nearly so cosmopolitan. There’s a small section in one of the town car parks for motorbikes so I snuggled up next to a Triumph Tiger Explorer and came to the conclusion it was better looking than the 1200gs, such is the nature of desire and disatisfaction, then grabbed a coffee in Costa (no cake after my weighing scales shock this morning). On the way home I shouldn’t have asked the GPS to send me back. I headed off on some nice roads to Mildenhall and a little further but ended up back on the straight but speedy road home before I knew it.
Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 17.29.42
Once back in the garage I tried to work out yet again where to fit the electrical wizardry I bought for the bike a while back (PDM60 module), the little box of cleverness that you can attach all other accessories, like auxiliary lights or other sockets to. There is no room for anything on this sleek and economical for space bike. There has to be a solution.