My motorcycles: 2 Triumph Sprint 955i

In May 2008 I bought a blue Triumph Sprint ST on Ebay while I was examining a PhD up in Nottingham. I think it cost about £3000. The aim was to move me one step closer to my planned journey to Europe later that Summer. I knew enough to realise that the Bandit would not make a good bike to ride for miles down Autobahns. It was sad to see the Bandit being ridden off but the Sprint is a real bike – it makes a humming sound when you turn the ignition on (because it had fuel injection….). It took me, effortlessly, on my first two trips to Europe. It has been the fastest bike I have owned. The first trip I travelled very light with just two tank bags, one from the Bandit strapped to the back and the other a nicely made Triumph model. Then for the next trip I found some matching Triumph panniers also on Ebay and fitted them and a Triumph rack on the back. I also upgraded the lights. I was all set up to travel further east and this time with a tent and camping equipment. I did not enjoy my first trip staying at youth hostels.