Getting lost in Bedfordshire

On the warmest day probably of the year so far (about 20 C) I scrawled down some simple directions for this trip on a scrap of paper: out on the Barton road towards Sandy, turn right into Potton, which has its own brewery, then back via the Gransdens, across the Old North Road and back through Comberton. Of course it all went awry and I forgot to take the bluetooth for the GPS. Looking at the track, I can see if I had just gone another couple of hundred yards at Wrestlingworth I would have found the route back.

Lots of bikes were out today unsurprisingly and luckily only one behind me to zoom past.

Ride to Little Gidding

Wretched GPS never takes my routes seriously and has a strange love of the A14, so every ride seems to involve some miles on this nasty trunk road. Nevertheless, I had some nice riding to the church at Little Gidding, which inspired one of T S Eliot’s Four Quartets. The church itself was closed. Very low key down the end of a track.
I didn’t know that the Giddings are not that far away from Fotheringay, not just the name of a folk rock band but the place where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned and executed. Charles the first sought refuge at Little Gidding, so being a monarch was not easy in the 17th century.
On the way home I chose the A660 which is, I found out, a high accident rate road for motorcycles, with lots of warning signs and a police bike cop talking earnestly to two riders wearing one piece leathers. They all had their helmets off so it was obviously an in depth discussion.
I rode through Kimbolton, one of those old English market towns that clearly at one time had far more importance and wealth than they do now, though the Kimbolton School, housed in the impressive castle means that there is still some wealth there. St Neots, another of those pretty but strange towns near to nowhere (once an important staging place on the road north from London I imagine), was bustling, the warm weather obviously bringing people out, including the rider of the brand new water cooled BMW 1200gs just out.

This was the first weather this year suitable for enjoyable motorcycle riding.

Trance the film

I’ve just seen Trance at the Picturehouse, director Danny Boyle’s latest film. Its a gangster thriller about a stolen and then lost painting but the twists and turns of the plot and characterisation are breathtaking and have had H and I trying to work them out the day after seeing it. Casting is perfect with the young corrupt and charming doctor from Last King of Scotland, James McAvoy, playing the charming and corrupt auctioneer’s assistant, Simon. This is a very clever and very thrilling film. You will go away wondering what was ‘real’ and what was hypnotically induced trance. Highly recommended.

Bertha mileage

Bertha mileage from 2009-2012

bertha-mileage-09-12-picI finally searched out all my MOT s and other receipts for all the work on Bertha since I’ve owned her (August 2009). I thought I had covered less miles last year and now I know I did. In 2010 I went to Spain, and back home through France, Switzerland and Germany and in 2011 I went to Norway and Scotland. Last year I had one rather abortive trip to Denmark and Sweden.