My motorcycles: 4 BMW R1200GS LC

After six happy years, in March 2015 I traded it in for the new, liquid cooled(!) boxer engined version. …this (above), a 2014 R1200GS TE, liquid cooled and super agile and slim compared to Bertha above (you can see her deposited at SBW Motorrad in the background next to the white van). I got £5000 for Bertha which I was pleased with. They are selling it for £7995. Whenever I am not on it, I wish I was. As I drift off to sleep most nights, I imagine riding it. I remember going to SBW Motorrad to try an F800gs but that wasn’t available so I tried this ex-demo and loved it immediately. Even the seat was comfortable… but great as it was and is to ride, it seemed to lack character and I never deeply bonded with it. Maybe one day I will return to this type of bike. I kitted it out with some huge Touratech panniers and topbox and a few other adventurising bits and pieces. Memorable journeys on this bike are to France and to Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and back via the Baltic countries.

super-agile and slim: that’s the bike
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