Motorbikes small and big

Now that I am the smug holder of a full motorbike license I have been obsessively glued to ebay looking to start practising this pastime. Having not won a reasonably priced machine (Bandit 600) partly through inept bidding, my sights drifted toward a 1200cc Bandit in Hitchin, in an optimism that I could cope with the weight and power. But the insurance premium is over double the price for a 600cc machine so maybe not. Maybe the hike in premium reflects a hike in claims…
But the fading summer, and the end to my holiday on Friday, has put some urgency into this but I think patience and focus probably are the way to go. I’ve also ordered some interesting looking books: one is Noble Eightfold Path: Way to the End of Suffering by Bhikkhu Bodhi. Others are Adventure Motorcycling Handbook by an author I can’t remember and Ted Simon’s Jupiter’s Travels, about his biking around the world in the early 1970s.

Follow the Christ

Just when I was having problems: 1) I wanted to improve family life. I was planning to buy a new three piece suite and get cable TV – but not any more. 2) I wanted to oppose the devil, of course, and was planning to do this by buying a new three piece suite and getting cable TV. But this flyer arrived through my letterbox.