jet lag or change of headspace?

I’ve been in Melbourne for 4 1/2 hours after 22 or so hours cramped in planes. What a strange space you get into, a mixture of tiredness, changing time zone, some airline wine, half tablets of some sleeping potion, snatched pieces of film on the back of other people’s seats, but also the disorientation of moving from routines and the familiar into a space where you have no room, no bed no home and no shower (yet)….


Tomorrow I fly out to Melbourne for a 10 day stint of talks and workshops, expecting some warm sunshine for a change after our horrible weeks. I hear from colleagues there that the weather has just turned – cold and rainy. Here it has just turned sunny and warm-ish.

Macbooks and weightlifting – and trivia

…a complaint about Mac laptops in general. I have a nice G4 Powerbook that started to break down just over a year ago and, with a few months warning, gave me enough time to work through the lengthy bureaucracy at my university to order a replacement (ordering a Mac was a bit odd for a start in a place where most people use Dells). The standard machine they supply is the white plastic MacBook I am typing this on. It of course has this cinema proportion screen, great for watching dvds which occasionally I have done but a waste of space for writing stuff which is what I usually use it for, and a waste of weight. I hate carting this white blob of plastic around (even the black one is really just a white blob of plastic disguised as something cool and black).

So, what is the moral of this story, to conclude? There isn’t one at all. We all spend too much of our affluent lives going on about this kind of banal trivia.