Ride to Brandon Forest for tea and scones

Today was a lovely day, up to 20 degrees C and sunny. For once I didn’t take the wrong fork at Swafham Prior. Lots of bikes out today. Lovely scone though middle aged cyclists sitting close to me at the visitor centre in Brandon Forest seemed to be comparing illnesses and the medication they were on.

Lovely paperbacks or Kindle?

I don’t want to be abandoned without something good to read while on my motorcycle trip this year so intend to take a stash of books; this pile and maybe others I’ve started and want to finish or have recently found:

pile of books

But in the interests of travelling small (rather than light) the prospect of the unaesthetic Kindle comes to mind. The challenge is to find these titles available for it. However, there’s nothing like sitting down with a real book in your hands, especially the lovely edition of Seven Pillars of Wisdom I bought on Abe Books. (It doesn’t look like Being and Time is available to Kindlers) At the moment I will stick with my space-using pile.

Bodily or metal fatigue?

Every morning I cycle up the hill from Kings Cross station up to Archway. Since the New Year things have been getting tougher and I’ve been afraid that I’m getting less fit. From about this time I have been intending to bring the bike home to give it an overhaul.
This is what bearings are meant to look like and the deranged piece of metal is what I found once I opened up the bottom bracket.