I failed

What a rollercoaster. I can’t believe what emotional highs and lows I’ve been through over the last week, feeling hopeless on Monday about ever passing the bike test to really quite confident before to convinced that I had passed as I sat down in the test office just after, even made a joke about sitting down to hear bad news – and I did. I had failed for not making progress and for hesitation. The news was delivered so quickly. I really couldn’t believe it. Four of us took the test that morning and one one passed, the very confident man after me who had a brand new bike ready to pick up that afternoon (I haven’t even shelled out on a helmet so as not to tempt fate). Two women both failed. The next most painful stab was paying for the next test and accompany to test quickly signing away another £170. O if only I had taken that roundabout more quickly, I’ve been thinking, just that one could have tipped the balance and I’d not be going round with my head in my hands, and hating the site of my leather gear hanging around my bedroom.

Next test is about 3 1/2 weeks. However in the meantime, a friend has lost her husband in a motorcyle crash on the M5. See here. This is sobering and does make me wonder why I am doing this. In the next couple of weeks I’ll be hiring a 125cc to get some practice at going faster! What a time….