Ride in the Low Sun

Tomorrow is going to be raining all day. Today is sunny but with an icy wind, an altogether better prospect for getting out on my slightly neglected bike. I wanted to go up to St Ives to see if there is somewhere nice in that old town to get a coffee and pass some time. I headed off into the mysterious (and I always think of it as swampy and neglected) region due north of Cambridge heading through Cottenham, Swavesey (even sounds weird) and Over (there are cruel jokes about Swavesey people devised by Over dwellers), Rampton (sounds like the name of a high security prison for mad offenders) but for a mysterious reason decided to head in another direction instead of find St Ives. The sun was bright but dazzling. The whole trip was 42 miles and the temperature a chilly 7 degrees.


Garmin Basecamp and ride to Ely

There’s not that much time at the moment that coincides with good weather to ride and even do some slow speed work. Here’s my slow moves through the car park north of Cambridge. I had no idea that Garmin Basecamp would let you look at graphs of speed and single out a piece of a trip.

Basecamp screenshot

Here’s the whole trip.