Pett Bottom (no honestly)

Today, the day that I overheard someone saying was likely to be the last day of summer, I rode over to a small village near Canterbury to view a ‘house of character’ that I had spotted on The Modern House. Its called the Old Chapel though I didn’t see much evidence of an ecclesiastical history.
Old Chapel
Bought in 2008 and neglected by tenants it presents a slightly sorry state with a cesspit needing attention and a composting toilet needing attention. It costs £375,000 and would need a further £100k to get it into a good state (the building – not the toilet). But it is certainly very pretty.
Leaving and returning to London on the A2, the Old Kent Road, is a much nicer experience than my last trip down to Brighton.

Even returning was surprisingly pleasant and I followed a lad on a scooter to get a taste for sneaking down bus lanes (its legal) and getting to the front of queues. In fact a big truck and a car both stopped for me on separate occasions as I was dithering, clearly expecting anyone on a bike to zip through in front of them.

I still haven’t found the best way back home, as the map shows well.
getting lost

I won’t be making an offer on the house but I will definitely be returning to that part of Kent. It was beautiful