David Beckham Into The Unknown

This is not the sort of documentary I would usually enjoy but the link came from a motorcycling site and I downloaded and watched.

Beckham and two old friends fly to Brazil to get away from Beckham’s busy life and to find a few weeks of anonymity. And crucially for me – otherwise I wouldn’t be watching – for some of the journey they ride on nicely customised and hard core looking Triumphs.


Whether you consider it interesting and enjoyable or not will depend on your interest in David. If you are a fan you will love it because you see plenty of his good looks and charming banter. From a strictly travel documentary angle it is not very penetrating. From a biking angle, its difficult not to see it in the same mould as the Long Way programs that also feature, and have much of their interest, in the celebs on board. But Beckham and friends’ riding style would make off-road gurus like Simon Pavey wince. There’s no standing on the pegs to be seen. Its more gun the throttle with legs splayed and hope for the best – probably how I would do it despite having watched the Touratech DVD on how they do it on the Dakar. Also there is very little branded motorcycle adventure wear on display, just a (very nicely designed) leather jacket, white t-shirt and jeans.


As has been said before, David comes over as surprisingly normal and charming both in his (generously proportioned) home in London where we see warm interactions with his family, and out with his friends. Strangely his friends on at least one occasion seem to want to sabotage Beckham’s desire for anonymity. At the end he tells us how few new friends he has made since he became famous and that the next ‘day off’ in his diary is in six weeks time. Although presented clearly as time out for Beckham, I wonder how relaxing this was given the constant filming. I’ll be taking a bit more notice of him after seeing this.

This eloquent review says it all.

Now, where can I get some more tattoos?

Another icy ride

I wanted to get out even thought the temperature showed 4 degrees and there was an icy wind. This was a quick 25 mile blast to West Wratting and I came back with Bertha covered in the salt and shit from the wet roads.