My motorcycles: 1 Suzuki Bandit

In the summer of 2007 having just learned to ride a motorcycle at CamRider in Sawston I bought my first bike a Suzuki Bandit 600 from a woman who worked in a tattoo parlour in Peterborough. I travelled out to Coates in the fens. I remember catching the train to Whittlesford then picking up a taxi, collecting the bike from their house one morning and riding back to Cambridge through the flatlands.

The Bandit was an old school bike, air cooled and not yet using fuel injection. You needed to pull the choke to start it from cold. It felt like a heavy bike with boggy suspension – but it was fun and it was my first bike.

I bought lots of stuff around then: a jacket, boots, gloves etc. cheaply on Ebay. Most of it either fell apart or looked dreadful – or both – as in the picture above.