Heine Gericke in the cold

I recently splahsed out £280 on yet another motorcycle jacket. The first two have been ebay bargains that I never saw or tried on before they came to the front door. They either looked terrible (the first one) or looked good but were cheap and little more than a fashion item with some snazzy stiching around the elbows with pockets whose lining tore after a week. This time I wanted something that would actually be protective, with armour built in, and good in a variety of weathers. Last year’s Cruise jacket in Gore-text fits the bill. Today we had that beautiful winter sun but icy winds. What better weather to try it, So with a few thin layers underneath, and the quilted lining still in place I tried it. Not a leak of cold air – apart from around the neck which I need to sort out. I was warm as toast on an hour long ride. I just noticed one reviewer on http://www.advrider.com/forums/ says:

“One of the things that I did not like about the Cruise was that there appears to be a design issue.

The top most popper on the right side is missing a like popper to connect to (left collar bone area). This would leave the neck flap only connected by velcro at the top and the second popper, therby leaving a gap. There is velcro where the popper should be but oddly no popper.

When asked about it, the Hein Gericke man just shrugged in acknowledgement but all the Cruise jackets there (5 of various sizes) were the same. It really put me off considering the price. Obviously if you always use the supplied (removeable) neck cuff that covers the Adam’s Apple area then it’s not an issue.”

OH NO! here’s some bad news. HG is now selling this jacket for £100 less than I paid. But I certainly prefer it to their new model.


Central and Eastern Europe

I’m not sure why I find central and eastern europe so fascinating at the moment. Perhaps its my German mother’s Polish origins and my slightly slopey eyes that I got from her. My plan to ride over to the Czech republic last year didn’t quite happen because I took up an invitation to visit Croatia and had less time. This summer I am hoping to get at least further east than Germany.

Here’s an interesting Internet source for information about these countries (I’ve put some of the links in)
at: http://www.ssees.ac.uk/dirctory.htm

* General resources on the region
* European Union Enlargement
* Albania
* Belarus
* Bosnia and Herzegovina
* Bulgaria
* Croatia
* Czech Republic
* Estonia
* Finland
* Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
* Hungary
* Kosovo
* Latvia
* Lithuania
* Montenegro
* Poland
* Romania
* Russia and the CIS
* Serbia
* Slovakia
* Slovenia
* Ukraine