Riding to Odense, Denmark

In May 2011, my friend Niels Buus, is organising the next In Sickness and in Health Conference in Odense, Denmark. Its a kind of nursing and healthcare meets Foucault and friends. Its an opportunity to take Bertha onto mainland Europe again. You can take the DFDS ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg and ride less than 100 miles to Odense but the fare is over £300. This time my thought is maybe to take the much cheaper ferry to Hook of Holland and ride up there through northern Germany which I’ve never visited but which I’ve heard is uninteresting apart from Hamburg. Its about 340 miles from the Hoek to Hamburg. Here’s the route calculated by Motowhere. This part is 336 miles.

And here’s the route from Hamburg to Odense. This part is 187 miles.