New NEXX XD1 helmet impressions

A 60 mile ride out toward Linton then a left through Balsham and Newmarket. My plan was to take the road from there up to Ely and back down the A10. At Soham, I turned left and started thinking about the Soham murders back in 2002 and that I hadn’t realised Soham was so close to Cambridge. As a result of my wonderings, I got Soham confused with Streatham and rode in a big circle. Asking the GPS to take me home did not help. I disobeyed and turned back through Swaffham Prior as the sun started to come out and the temperature rose a couple of degrees.

Route 24th April 2016

The helmet seems to have shrunk since I bought it two weeks ago and felt a little tight. GPS messages seem a little quieter perhaps because the speakers slip into pockets rather than just velcro to the inside. Overall the helmet is quieter I think than the Arai and seems more wind-sealed with the visor down. Having a new visor is like looking through clear glass again. The sun visor is handy, not too difficult to find the control toward the back left hand side on the top of the helmet. It doesn’t have much coverage when fully down but enough to help in case of dazzling sun. Because of its peak it has a balance point in the vertical angle: move up a degree or two and it just catches the wind; move it down and it doesn’t. There was no low sun but I had the sense that the peak was not as wide as the Arai so felt like it would be less use as a shade when riding into the sun in the evening. I like the way it is dismantleable without tools. With the top plate for sticking a camera mount making it just too tall to fit in a Touratech top box, I was able to save the day by simply removing it. Its still too early to say whether it is a hit or not.

Adventure Bike Shop trip

Today I took a ride over to the Adventure Bike Shop in Acton – not the Acton in West London where I used to work as a Health Visitor but in Suffolk, about 42 miles away from where I live. I had been meaning to replace my rather smelly and dinged Arai Tour X3. The Nexx XD1 is about £100 cheaper than a new Arai and has some up to date features – some plates to attach camera mounts (to save me glueing them on to the outside of the lid) and a clever sun visor. It feels much lighter than my Arai and coupled with buying a size large (size M wouldn’t even fit over my head) it feels less reassuring when on. I need to move my Bluetooth kit over to it and I will try it on the bike.



I zoomed over there to catch it before it closed (see Shot from Adze). Being offered a cup of tea the moment you step inside the shop always puts me in the mood to not walk out without supporting them. Acton and back