Moving relentlessly on

Yesterday I snuk upto the theory test centre and passed my motorcycle theory test. The two men running the centre made jokes about ageing bikers. I expected the hazard perception part – where 14 one minute videos are shown on your pc screen of road scenes and you have to click when you notice hazards developing – to be tricky, not in the spotting of them (I have been driving for many years) but in what is the right technique to convince the computer programme that you have spotted them early and are not clicking at random which gets you a nil points. I had spent a few weeks with the highway code and a thick book of bike theory test questions. Some are easy e.g. you need to replace your battery. how do you dispose of the old one? a) at a garage b) at a recycling centre c) leave it on waste ground (I can’t remember d).
I got 100% (35 out of 35) for the multiple choice and 54/75 for the hazard spotting (the pass mark is 44). So I am on course for the riding course in July. There is still the question of finding the money to buy a bike – assuming that I pass (and my son today passed his driving test first go and that is something to live up to.))

My latest scheme: learning to ride a mo*orcy*le

I’ve had a few rather stereotypical male things I’ve wanted to step out and do for years (an earlier one was shaving my head). This one has been lurking since my late teens when as the assistant to an ageing biker youth hostel warden in Litton Cheyney in Dorset I was ferried around by gentlemen riding large machines. I remember one ride on a beautiful Sunday evening in summer riding from Dorset up to Royal Crescent in Bath on the back of a BMW bike. Getting to ride a bike is complicated and rather costly now. First there is a motorbike theory test which I take this week, then a 5 session course starting with a CBT (Compulsory basic training) that nowadays anyone who wants to ride anything with a motor needs to have, and ending with taking the bike test on a 500cc machine. Hoping I pass, after that there is the question of buying a bike. I already have a rather nice jacket from ebay for a tenner.

Scott Walker 30th Century Man

This film has stayed with me over the few days since I saw it. I always loved the old songs but was really alerted to him listening to tracks from his latest album on Late Junction. The songs were harrowing and sometimes difficult to listen to.

The film showed him intelligent and thoughtful about his work, and surrounded by producers arrangers and musicians who are also serious and excellent at what they do.

To educate myself I’ve just bought the flop ‘Scott4’ released then deleted in 1969 (From Fopp for £5), via Nightlines (I think it was called) I plan to come upto date with his last two releases.

My Cat is coughing up broken glass

My cat is somewhere in the house and starts coughing up large pieces of broken bottle and blood, or is it wine? I look around and see he has broken a bottle by knocking it on the ground. I start to panic and wonder how I can call the vet.