My folded life begins here

After 6 weeks of waiting I finally collected my Brompton this evening from their slightly chaotic store in Covent Garden and I wobblingly cycled it home having left my full size bike obediently waiting at St. Pancras. Folding and unfolding this thing is daunting. I can’t believe how people do it in the blink of an eyelid. So I am keen to see how cycling up those steep north London hills feels on this little bike.
brompton home

Cycling to Hendon

At last, I’ve plucked up the courage to cycle from Old Street out to where I work in Hendon, up past Camden Town, turning right at Hampstead station then straight up all the way to Hendon then diving down an oblique footpath to arrive nearly opposite the university. I’ve also discovered Strava thanks to my technical guru Geoff Jones from where this map comes.