My motorcycles: 5 KTM 790 Adventure

July 2021: after two or three trips (one to Spain and a couple in the UK) wanting a lighter and maybe slightly less popular bike, here it is finally: a KTM790 Adventure – in white – late 2019 model. I spent nearly a year planning to buy a KTM 690 Enduro and made a list of all the mods that I’d install but finally twigged that it would not be that great on road where, despite plans to the contrary, I spend most of my time. I’ve been part of the BMW ecosphere for twelve years so this is a new start. (It felt odd deleting the BMW dealer from the speed dials on my phone.) The trade in of the smarter Beamer meant that I only had to fork out £2000 for this bike, leaving me funds left over for lots of modifications. This bike is definitely lighter and easier to manhandle, lean against things etc.