Back on the roads (of East Anglia)

The worst of the winter past and a battery throbbing with volts back into the bike, it has been dry enough to get out on the roads.

Last weekend or so I found some roads close to Cambridge that I am sure I have never visited before:

gpx trail

And today I rediscovered the nice route down to Saffron Walden and back via Little Walden and Linton – only 38 miles, it felt like a longer trip:
saffron walden route

Poor old bike has not been properly cleaned for nearly a year and is showing signs of wear – the dreaded bubbling paint on the cylinder heads and rusty fastenings. Today I attacked a couple of selected regions for some muc off treatment. With a service coming up soon I am wondering whether Lind Motorrad still provide the complementary cleaning that they did when they were SBW.

Finally, this plug in seems to have been updated and should show the last GPX file:

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