Rust and Bone

This strangely named French film is an adaptation of a number of short stories. Some details and trailers should be here:
I found it very mixed. In some ways it was impressive with imagery that gives structure to the film, blood and water both link the film together, as does sleep – the central male character is often deeply asleep, literally and, we are meant to understand, spiritually. Performances are good from both Marion Cotillard (whose legs are removed digitally above the knee) and the sleepy Matthias Schoenaerts, as well as the child actor who plays is increasingly bruised 5year old son.
On the other hand, the film does not achieve in many ways. It is ultimately a corny and completely unrealistic fantasy about disability while pretending to be realistic and hard-hitting. It has a fairy tale ending too in which our leading duo and the son become miraculously a happy and successful family. Ali turns, predictably, from pent up hard man whose only response to pain and confusion is to hit things and people to a man who has found his own vulnerability and channels his aggression into an apparently successful professional boxing career – while being a caring father and partner. It had some beautiful filming, of the whales in a tank for example and many underwater shots (of trauma often) but at the end of the day it was not successful. Probably worth seeing though.