Day 2 Cumbria to Ayr, Ayreshire

I made it to Ayr on the west coast of Scotland to the house of a colleague and her family. I slept very well finally waking up at 8.45(!) and got off about 10.30. The going was problem free. I even stopped off at Penryth to buy a cup that I forgot to take. Once in Scotland my GPS did itself proud for once taking me on a twisty B road most of the way from Dunfries complete with goats wandering across the road.

Somewhere there are goats

I stopped by the road in a village and watched a bride and her father driven on the back of a horse drawn carriage off to get wed.

My first site in Scotland

However gps Emily disgraced herself by taking me on a wild goose chase to some pub car park in the middle of Ayr then could not seem to find the place of this newly built house where I was staying: ‘now proceed off road’ she tells me when she has completely given up. Even Google street view shows the wrong house. But I made it, thankful to see a dim hand waving inside as I pulled up rather nervously and noisily in someone’s drive.

Four hours riding with just a couple of short breaks and I feel tired. After today the adventure really begins and I’m not too hopeful about finding these campsites with postcodes alone.

Mileage: 152 Ave speed: 39mph Max speed: 81mph Riding time: 3.9 hours