Interview with Sarah Ahmad – even if its crap, lie to me

“1. Where are you from?


2. Why did you make this video?

It’s an idea born out of my restless need to experiment. To create something that can be seen and heard. It is the first in a series I’m working on.

3. What is “insignificant” to you?

It is poetry. It is my outrageous, dejected mind continuously refusing to be an optimist.

4. What is your favorite drink/living author?

Drink water. Favorite authors keep changing, sometimes a new book by a new author comes out and becomes my favorite.

5. Do you have political views?

Politics anywhere everywhere only destroy. I keep away from it.

6. Describe your ideal job…

Writing, creating.

7. Anything else you would like the readers of Vauban Inc. to know?

Just hope they like this piece, even if they think it’s crap, lie to me. And if anyone has any time to spare and any interest to visit my blog.

(Sarah Ahmad’s video is the first in what I hope to be a regular feature on Vauban Inc. Send your submissions to”