Yikes, I’ve moved host

In quite a traumatic change, Webfaction, my trusty web hosting company that I’ve used for the last 11 years are closing and told me that they weren’t able to migrate my 9 websites and 2 WordPress blogs so I am having to do this myself. I’ve moved to London based Tsohost. Yesterday. Everyone praises their support – which is just as well because I don’t remember setting up hosting being this difficult in 2010. They have been extremely helpful but so far I have just reestablished this blog but despite backing up or rather exporting ‘everything’ and importing, I’ve lost all of my images. I will see if I can retrieve them. Of course the old site is now off line.

One thought on “Yikes, I’ve moved host

  1. This has not been easy. I’m restoring some of the more recent images but the older ones, though saved would need adding back one by one – until I can come up with a solution

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